LA Hacks: Too Big to (Not) Fail?

This post is best enjoyed while listening to the LA Hacks OST (feat. LA Hacks) by LA Hacks

I’ll be honest: I didn’t expect much out of LA Hacks. The period leading up to the event made it seem like it was floating on a bubble of pure hype, a bubble that would be sure to burst, much like the Bitcoin one.

I was wrong.

That is, of course, not to say the event was perfect—far from it. But it was probably as good as it could have been.

Economies of #webscale

LA Hacks had been held before, but with far fewer attendees than the over 1000 people who showed up at Pauley Pavilion over the weekend. And regrettably, it failed to scale. A bit ironic for an event so focused on startups and the like.

As any seasoned hackathon attendee will tell you, internet is a huge issue at hackathons....

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